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David Teniers (der Ältere)

Antwerpen 1582 -
Antwerpen 1649

David Teniers the Elder was born in Antwerp in 1582. He was a student of his older brother Julian. David Teniers the Elder continued his studies in Rome, where he was taught by Adam Elsheimer, and was later admitted to the Sint Lucas Gilde in Antwerp as a an independent master in 1606.
David Teniers the Elder was not a very successful painter, had money problems and ran into debt. His sons, including David Teniers the Younger, paid for his debts. Initially David Teniers the Elder produced large church paintings, later he turned to landscapes and the fantastical and rural genre, which his famous son also worked on.
The Dutch painter David Teniers the Elder died on July 29, 1649 in Antwerp.

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